[aprssig] Another APRS satellite (9600 baud)

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Mon Oct 2 11:13:51 EDT 2017

Den 01.10.2017 19:42, skrev Robert Bruninga:

> I guess we need some APRS IGates to collect packets on the downlink.
> Of course this is not easy because the doppler shifts through 5
> channels at 5 KHz steps due to DOppler.  But if we have enough passive
> receivers all over the USA  Then one of them will always be in the
> passband for at least some packets.

I could probably get an IGATE on UHF in No(r)way.
Already gating 145.825
Are there any other UHF APRS frequencies we should gate?

73 de LA3QMA
Kai Gunter

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