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Oops. Sent this to the wrong email address.
The APRS protocol specification defines directed query messages, including the message ?APRSP (respond with current position report). Of course, this only works if all of the below conditions are met:
1. The target station can receive APRS messages  (i.e., not a one-way tracker).
2. The text message can be routed to the target station (proper digipeat path or Tx I-gate near the target station, as appropriate).
3. The target station's APRS software or firmware actually implemented proper handling of the ?APRSP directed query. 
Good luck.
Andrew, KA2DDOauthor of YAAC (which does support ?APRSP)

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> Is there a way to interrogate an APRS radio to send it's position in
> response to a message or "ping" from a another station? In effect, a
> "transponder" mode. I was thinking a message followed by an automatic reply
> message might work but I don't see how to include the surrent position in
> the reply message.

Look at the various responder options configured by the SMSGTE system,
 That's on the final section of this page:


SMSGTE itself my be useful for you.

There's also working to fix the APRS system so less packets are lost..

Bill, WA7NWP
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