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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 17 09:22:52 EDT 2017

Not enough useful info.
What is a kinetic car?  A cub scout racer?
A golf cart?
A cross country race?


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Hi all:

Was just sent the following email looking for aprs units we can put on our
racers.  Is there anything out there that is small and not crazy expensive?

TU all, 73

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Hi Jaye,
  I mentioned this a while back but now we're getting down to crunch time
and I'm getting more serious about it.  LOL.  I hope you can point me in the
right direction.  I'm hoping to get about 5 to 10 APRS units that we can put
on the slowest kinetic cars.  At Crab Park, we're usually waiting until very
late.  It would be nice to have another means of intel.  I'm looking for all
the advice and suggestions you might have about this.

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