[aprssig] New Project: WHERE-IS

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 19:00:45 EDT 2017

> Please use WHERE going forward.

Kenwood mobile (D700, D710) and portable (D7, D72, D74) radios have a
very limited keyboard scheme for entering text.  Anything possible to
minimize the length of a destination as well as grouping the letters
to fit the keyboard will make it easier to use.  Even something as
simple and short as "ISS" is a challenge.

Ok.  I tried it on the D7.   Not terrible.  About two pushes per
letter.  Awakeward enough that I wouldn't use it unless fairly

The message isn't coming back on RF - that's the fault of my RF system
- and broken APRS messaging.

I'm not sure how the big long response string would look.on the small
D7 display.  Perhaps tweaking the info for 'significance' and cutting
the length would help:

> WA7NWP-8 :test: 4327.46 miles 24.33 deg NNE (7 days 2 hrs ago){J

could be:

>WA7NWP-8 :test: 4327 miles 24 deg NNE (7 days){J

When you're looking for a rough guess from a portable situation -
rough data is all that's needed.

Bill, WA7NWP

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