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Thu Mar 9 10:11:05 EST 2017

The reason for the different SSIDs was because there were (may still be) misbehaving IGates that would not properly gate non-zero-through-15 SSIDs to RF.  The 3rd party header permits (and your D72 supports) non-numeric SSIDs in messages as long as the IGate supports non-numeric SSIDs being gated to RF.  Direct gating to RF (not using 3rd party format) is not supported by APRS-IS due to loops and other issues that occur.

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> Since WHO-IS and WHO-15 have the same response, why not use WHERE-IS
> and WHERE-15?
> The WHO -15 is useable from a mobile while I don’t believe WHO -IS works.
> The 15 is made into a 4-bit code for TX whereas the IS will not resolve to four
> bits. But I haven’t tried this from my D72 so I can’t be sure. From an internet
> only client it doesn’t matter which one is used.
> Best regards,
> Fred N7FMH

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