[aprssig] Barebones "Data Radio"

Brett Friermood brett.friermood at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 21:19:04 EST 2017

I would not be putting them in as near an extreme environment as Jason did,
so I think they would actually be worth trying. However this brings me back
to my initial post, as I am unable to find a reputable supply source. It
appears the FC-301/D and the FC-302 are still being manufactured. They both
appear on Friendcom's website along with other products, and the company is
planning on attending IWCE at the end of the month.

I did stumble across the Ritron DTX+ series of telemetry transceivers,
which appears to be what I am looking for. However they appear to be
somewhat sensitive to releasing much information. Most locations of
information on their website advises to contact them directly, even to find
a dealer. On the plus side, they appear to offer a 1.25m capable radio
which would be very helpful for a future project I have in mind.

Brett KQ9N

On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 6:46 PM, Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse at comcast.net>

> As another data point, there was a gentleman using one that had running
> over two winters using a solar panel and battery only.
> Best regards,
> Fred N7FMH
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> > Thanks for the info Jason. I remember the information I found was
> > somewhat limited, so it's nice to hear of some real-world experience.
> > I'm guessing those issues may have contributed to them being pulled.
> I think they got discontinued by the manufacturer, but I may be
> misremembering that.
> I wouldn't hesitate to use one if the price was right and it fit my
> application.
> High altitude balloon flights can be rather unforgiving environments.
> You basically pull a vacuum on it, subject it to -40C or lower
> temperatures, then return it to ground temperature and humidity.  If you
> happen to pass through humid air on the way back down, you're sucking warm
> moist air across frozen hardware and practically forcing maximum
> condensation.  We've had cases where we poured water out of payload
> enclosures due to this effect. If this happens to a PCB with sub-optimal
> cleaning and any sort of activated or corrosive flux, the results are
> unfortunate.
> > Are you running 9600bps with the HT's?
> Nope, we stuck with 1200 baud for tracking on those projects.
> > There is also some experimenting I'd like to do with the higher data
> rates of the Direwolf modem.
> I thought there was a UHF model, once upon a time? that could be useful
> for even higher data rates.
> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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