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6M Packet / APRS When I lived in Tokyo as 7J6CAT/1, and my wife bought our first computer (Mac Performa; 6310 1GB HD ! Was Partitioned for English / Japanese too !; Lol)I put up a Diamond; V-2000 Vertical, about 35' feet up off the ground, in North West Tokyo (Kameari; Katsushika' Ku').I had a CONSTANT S-9 Signal from the opposite side of Tokyo, on 52.5MHz; operating @ 1200BPS.There were SEVERAL Nodes, all over town, that I ALWAYS had a MASSIVE signal from.I barely ran 10W on an IC-746, and never had anything but a SOLID connection...no Intermod, No garbage.
Yes; this is an EXCELLENT idea; to get something started on 50MHz as a National APRS Frequency.
Whenever anyone brought this up in the past, I would listen around on the band, but never heard anything. I have mentioned before, that in Japan, there is a National Node (or USED to be, anyway) frequency of 29.090MHzat 1200BPS WITH an 88.5Hz Tone on it. ALWAYS had SOLID SIGNAL from this frequency.   I set out to make, at that time, the ULTIMATE Ham / Packet / HF / VHF Station (for a Tokyo Apartment Dweller Ham).Naturally, I bought an AEA PK-900, with MacRatt III Software included....I still have it.I had an 8 Band; Cushcraft AP8 on the roof, with a dozen radials hanging off it.It was SO well set up, that your friendly neighborhood Tokyo Electric Power Company Officials paid me a visit. They proceeded to inform me, that my AP-8 was within 2-3 M of their Lowest High Tension Line ( a Ground), which of course was located DIRECTLY abovemy apartment building (the ONLY Lines in the entire area ). They came with a diagram, meticulously detailed of the location of my antenna and various landmarks showing the proximity of my antenna to theirLine, and said I would have to drop the height TWO FULL Meters, to be within Safety Standard, which TOTALLY messed up the Q of my Vertical, naturally. There was a Packet Cluster, on 10.139MHz as I recall...which of course, plotted your DX Station, via APRS Software. What I am trying to say here with all this drivel, is that virtually on EVERY BAND, I could find activity for Packet.   Frankly; I'm surprised no one has ever done this before to a more successful outcome.   Matt; WA4TKGPreviously; 7J6CAT;  " The ONLY APRS Station in Japan " tm  

Subject: REF:  6 m APRS
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I believe it is 50.62. 6 meter seems ideal for a longer range fixed station messaging backbone.If we got some smarter path routing involved we could get some real range out of the system without being reliant on the internet. If anyone is interested in setting something up in Southern California I could setup a station in Culver City. -Jess
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We've talked about using 6 meters for APRS in the past and I don't think it ever went very far.  The reason, in my opinion, that 2 meters has worked so well for APRS is that it's on a common frequency nation-state.  That, plus the fact that 2 meter radios are so available. IS there a common frequency for 6 meter APRS? Vy 7 3EarlKD5XB 
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 Hi Bob,
 My name is Gilles, VE2GQF and live in Sherbrooke, Québec and an aprs
 enthousiat since the begening !
 We are interested to try APRS on 6 m band in Quebec province. Is it a good
 idea ? Is this mode on this band is always used ?  Internet seem to be have
 no large information about it ?
 I'm going to Florida in few days, is there always any 6 m APRS Igate near
 Washington and  Georgia - If yes I will transmet APRS 6 m beacon in my trip.
 Thank's for your answer and sorry if my english is not good, this is not my
 first langage.
 73's Gilles ve2gqf
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