[aprssig] D-Star Repeater (double) Objects

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Fri Jul 28 15:37:45 EDT 2017

There are not 2 objects per repeater, there is one object and one IGate -station-.  Some repeaters don't have DPRS capability (it is an application addon) and therefore do not have IGate stations.

Hope this helps.  The Objects are, in fact, repeater objects just like we generate objects for FM repeaters.  The IGate stations are DPRS IGates just like all other APRS IGates report their positions as regular APRS posits.


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Subject: [aprssig] D-Star Repeater (double) Objects

A question was raised in the APRSISCE support group about why D-Star repeaters have two objects, one with a dash and another with spaces.  I know the reason for this was described at some point in the past, but I cannot lay my eyes on it.

If anyone knows the history behind the duplication of D-Star repeater objects on the APRS, I'd appreciate a refresher.

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