[aprssig] Kenwood 700 digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 19 14:26:17 EDT 2017

Yes, they forgot to check for OWN station packet.  SO the D700 has to
digipeat itself once before the dupe check kicks in.  Bummer…

Good question about the D710.  I thought it was there too, but maybe they
fixed it in the D710G?  I should have noticed, but had enough other issues
on the top of the tower to notice.


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That seems to be a bug in the 700 firmware.  It will digipeat it's own
packet if it copies it back from a digipeater and the packet still has an
unused path component that the 700 responds to.  This was discovered during
the AT Golden Packet event a few years ago.

Interestingly, based on this year's AT GP event, I don't believe the D710
has this issue.

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On 7/19/2017 12:20 PM, Denny Phillips II wrote:

Hi All,

Thanks for your previous help.  We have an EmComm digi set up that is an
older 700.  It has been set this way for 10+ years with only being changed
from .390 to .340 for special events and back.  In testing a new APRS
plotting software that one of our guys has developed, I noticed that this
radio is digi'ing it's self once and a while.  Specifically if it sends a
beacon out, it will get it back from another digi and send it out again.  I
don't know the settings of the radio.  We are going to go look at it Friday
and re-program if needed.  Is this the best source for the settings on the
old 700?  http://www.aprs.org/D7xx/d700digi.txt

Here is a sample of the beacon being sent out.  All these came into my
radio within 10seconds.

N0ESQ-1>S9QUXY,WIDE2-2:'q^ml #/]EmComm CO Devil's Head Digi

N0ESQ-1>S9QUXY,W0UPS-10*,WIDE2-1:'q^ml #/]EmComm CO Devil's Head Digi

N0ESQ-1>S9QUXY,WD4IXD-10,KC0D,WIDE2*:'q^ml #/]EmComm CO Devil's Head Digi

N0ESQ-1>S9QUXY,AC0VP-10,N0ESQ-1,WIDE2*:'q^ml #/]EmComm CO Devil's Head Digi

N0ESQ-1>S9QUXY,WD4IXD-10,N0ESQ-1,WIDE2*:'q^ml #/]EmComm CO Devil's Head Digi

If I just need to follow the settings in the link above, I'll do that and
we should be good.


Denny, W0DDP


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