[aprssig] APRS and the solar Eclipse

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jul 16 14:30:23 EDT 2017

I "just happen" to be spending the summer … in Newport Oregon, with 1:48 of
totality at my RV. If only the weather cooperates...

My bro-in-law lives near 96% totality and we are going to stay with him the
night before.  But then he does not want to go to the crowded path of

I try to remind him, that 96% totatily also means 4% sun.  And since the
sun is 400,000 times brighter than the full moon, then he will see the sky
still 16,000 times brighter than a full moon.  Now in all the gobbledygook,
I still have not found out exactly how dark totality will be.  But I have
seen one figure suggesting it is 99.9% dark.  So 4% is still 40 times
brighter than that.  I have seen some reference a full moon too, and so the
answer is somewhere between 40 to 16,000 times brighter than someone
actually in totality.

I’m still waiting to see a real answer.

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