[aprssig] Argent arduino shield

Andrew Rich vk4tec at internode.on.net
Sun Jul 2 17:44:26 EDT 2017

I have an argent arduino shield

I had a mate travelling around Australia

I did not think the argent aruino shield could do 300 baud

After Scott mentioned the other day , I plugged into the USB on the shield and found it was like a tnc 

And it could do 300 baud

It was just an extra few commands were added on the arduino side

So now can I ask the question please

Can my two argent arduino shields

Be used

1. As a tnc for an ISS igate
2. Can it do kiss ? For TCP/IP over radio
3. Can it take a gps ? 

I guess my question and if Scott is listening 

Can you draw me up a page of the argent arduino data shield with what is capable on the arduino side and the USB side please

I can parse gps and send it via the arduino side.

We have a 10 ghz day coming up 

Maybe I can send packet over 10 ghz ? 

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