[aprssig] 2 Port Digitpeater was: APRS UHF freq? (9600 baud)

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 12:41:14 EST 2017

> > Has anybody actually succeeded in putting two KISS TNC's "back to
> > back" to form an independently operating (no computer between them)
> > two-way "bridge" to pass traffic bi-directionally?
> > Lots of suggesting that this could work, but has it been done?
> In theory it should work but it's not a proper solution to the problem.

> To do it properly you would want to put an application between the two TNCs
> to perform digipeating by the normal rules.  There are countless digipeater
> implementations out there but I'm not sure how many of them can handle
> multiple radio channels at the same time.

That application is Digi_ned.  http://digined.pe1mew.nl/   It allows
complete configuration of digipeating and control of the paths and is
able to handle multiple ports.

At one time I had a three band stack running.   Packets chosen to come
out on the other-channels would have information added to the paths
showing where they were originated.  It was possible for users to
manually route return packets to go through the hub to a chosen
frequency and/or destination.

I'll write the whole thing up with the digipeater rules soon..

Bill, WA7NWP

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