[aprssig] APRS UHF freq?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Jan 24 15:41:10 EST 2017

> On Jan 24, 2017, at 2:25 PM, Bob Mueller <bob at funautical.com> wrote:
> I wish a national UHF channel would get established for APRS.

Many people don't understand how incredibly unique and unlikely it is to have a single North American VHF frequency for APRS. It only happened because of a unique set of occurrences (exponential grow of APRS, a need for 145.8xx for worldwide ISS frequency, abandonment of attempt for a worldwide satellite band at 144.3-144.5 (happened in new world but not the old), the bravery of an AMSAT guy (Frank Bauer KA3HDO) to enter the lion's den of DCC to ask US APRS users to QSY, the work of a handful of people to organize and argue, the big three US ham groups (TAPR, AMSAT, AND ARRL) to work together in support, and the work a number of other people who devoted significant effort and funds to make it happen). It was, IMNSHO, the greatest cooperation that ever happened in ham radio and is vastly under-appreciated. 144.39 would have been enough of a reward to APRS, but we also got the nearly continuous ISS digipeater because of out QSY. 

The result was great, but those of us that lived through that time know it was a one-shot deal!

>  I think it would be great to run 9600 baud on UHF.  I would really like to build a digi that cross band digis from 1200 VHF to 9600 UHF.  Both directions.  

So who is stopping you? A single North American VHF frequency is great for travelers who do not need to worry about QSY. UHF is great for things that are unique to an area, and a different frequency isn't a big problem for use by locals. The more local stuff you move off 144.39 the better! 

Steve K4HG

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