[aprssig] New IGate Operator

Nagi Punyamurthula n0agi at n0agi.com
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I usually stay away from IS->RF forwarding.  APRS was (I would say still is IMHO) originally intended to enable simple packet ops for the RF traffic.  The IS stack came into picture to enable reporting on the front end visualization. If a source station originated from TCP/IP (IS), leave it there – since the source station’s intent is not so much for letting RF know, but, to let other TCP/IP users know via visualization tools such as aprs.fi.

Pete, fyi, I have been using the Microsat’s Wx3in1 Plus and Mini for a few years now (for local APRS WIDE digipeater / iGate and also for my sGate ops as igate) – I agree, they’re great products. I am happy to assist w/ any settings related questions you might have. Best wishes

73, N0AGI-Nagi

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My thought process is that positions no matter the source of actual hams (not objects) should be reflected on RF which provides a coherent picture for the RF stations.

IMO you're sort of contradicting yourself.  How does giving a picture of hams on cell/IP give you a picture of RF?  It doesn't.  It's noise. If they're not on RF, then they don't need to be on RF.

Actually he referred to providing a picture for RF stations as opposed to a picture of RF.  I can see the benefit with respect to messaging. Someone on RF could see someone on a phone, and send them a message.

There was a bug in AprsDroid a while back (now fixed as far as I know) that resulted in stations sending positions very rapidly, so there is the risk of gating an Android device running an old version.

IMO it all depends on RF traffic in a local area. If it's very low, it should be OK to RF gate the phones, especially with rate limiting functionality in the Igate. How low is low - yeah, it's subjective. Whether the device in question can do it is really a question for the maker of that device - does it have its own mailing list?

Now for non-APRS RF resources that may benefit by being announced on APRS, which what you may be headed toward, look at Bob's info here: http://www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

I have to admit I haven't looked at that yet; thanks for sharing.  Off to take a look.

Lee - K5DAT

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