[aprssig] IGate FIlter for AMSATS?

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Number 2 in that post is exactly the same as #1 from the standpoint that Joe Ham wants to see his packets end up on APRS-IS and is -not- looking for messaging (hence the SatGate has always been receive-only to minimize the possibility of multiple SatGates trying to gate from APRS-IS through the satellite).  In both #1 and #2, the ham is wanting to have their packets show up on APRS-IS if they are seen by a SatGate.  In #2, when the ham -changes frequency-, they will be seen by the IGate nearest them when they get in direct RF range and want to use the terrestrial system.

So it appears that you are in agreement that if an IGate is put into "SatGate mode", it should be receive-only and -not- pass only packets heard directly (not digi'ed) that contain a path.  All other received packets that would normally be passed upstream to APRS-IS should be passed.  I think this gets as close as possible to Bob's request within the constraints of maintaining proper operation on the entire APRS-IS network.  Note that "SatGate mode" should be off by default and sysops should be aware that it is a special purpose mode solely for use with satellite reception.

Correct?  Also, keep in mind that the reason the US migrated to 144.39 was because of an agreement with AMSAT that we could use "their" frequency if that would move us away from 145.8 where satellites 15-20 years ago might be listening (yes, I remember the gnashing of teeth when that change was implemented).  So terrestrial use of 145.825 is strongly discouraged both by various ham organizations and the IARU so we shouldn't be thinking along the lines of accomodating terrestrial use of 145.825.


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> So here are two possible use cases for the APRS constellation:
> 1. Joe Ham walks outside with his HT and a yagi, points it at a passing satellite,
> and fires off a few packets. Maybe he manages to trade some packets with
> someone else doing the same thing, or maybe he just runs back inside to check
> aprs.fi <http://aprs.fi> . In either case he is then gratified that he has
> successfully bounced a packet through outer space, and moves on with his life.
> He possibly comes back to bounce a few more packets through a satellite when
> he wants to impress his friends and family or get credit for trading packets with
> a few more people through a satellite.
> 2. Joe Ham launches an autonomous boat in the Pacific ocean and has it beacon
> its current location and telemetry at 30 minute intervals as it makes its way
> from California to Hawaii. The team enjoys satellite-based coverage without
> having to pay for an Iridium modem and get to involve amateur radio in the
> project. Relatively few APRS packets probably get through during the trip, but
> once the boat gets within about 30 miles of the I-gate in Hawaii they start
> getting nearly all the packets from it to help coordinate retrieval.
> Is this second application not valid for the APRS constellation? Because every

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