[aprssig] FW: APRS Symbol for Fox hunting?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 10 10:50:09 EST 2017

APRS has a symbol for a DF report. “/\” and it is listed in the symbol
tables as a TRIANGLE (DF report).

Then the APRS spec defines all kinds of data that can be included in that
report includgin Bearing, Quality, Hits, range signal strength, in addition
to the objects course and speed, etc

Someone asked for a DF or Foxhunting symbol.  I suggested to use the DF
symbol… the question is, what will clients do with an object using a DF
symbol that does not then contain all the DF report parameters…  Does it
try to make them into gyberish, does it report a DF error?

Anyway, just thought I wouild not the possible unknown-behavior when a DF
symbol is used and there is no data.

I don’t see a need to do a FOX symbol, since no one should see that until
the end.  Just use an X or something with the name FOX.

I thought that DFing would be the #2 application of APRS since it could
instantly triangulate and locate jammers and hidden transmitters as a
collective multi-user process.  But people seem to not use the event-object
plotting of DF data much at all.

Here is the APRS DF-ing page:


And the original APRSdos text file on DFing:


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