[aprssig] It's Baaack BPL - Broadband Over Powerlines

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As I recall, G-Line depended on an outer dielectric and the wave propagated partly in that dielectric and partly in the air around it.
 Insulation I see on my power line wires is pretty dubious and what happens every time you have an attachment point what goes around an insulator. How does the wave continue propagating that way, unless they're putting up all new wires with new ways of attaching it to the poles that doesn't disrupt it. I should try to call them and get some technical information on the phone.
 I put a little more credibility in the article that shows those 30 degrees sector antenna devices and talks about 60 gigahertz backhaul which would be between those devices and 60 gigahertz to the home which makes a lot more sense. It looks like what would be called a mesh Network where you can put these things up anywhere you want and the software figures out how to route it.

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