[aprssig] WX data over Ethernet or Wi-Fi = Possible?

KF4LVZ aprssigZbr6 at acarver.net
Tue Dec 12 15:24:16 EST 2017

On 2017-12-12 12:15, Nick VA3NNW wrote:
> Miroslav Skoric wrote:
>> Having in mind that APRS software usually listen a WX device on a
>> serial RS232 port or USB, I wonder if someone managed to feed the APRS
>> software by using a temperature/humidity data logger equipped with
>> only Ethernet and/or WiFi connectivity.
> Straight to APRS-IS, sure. I'm not hitting the actual RF APRS at that
> point though. See http://noseynick.net/wx/noseywx.html - or more
> generally, "CWOP" http://www.wxqa.com/ - which includes a bunch of
> non-hams talking direct to APRS-IS, using APRS formats etc but again,
> not over RF.

I think Miroslav isn't talking about APRS -IS connectivity but actually
feeding APRS software with weather data from a device that does not have
a serial port.

Depending on what software is running and the type of device it's
running on this is possible.  There are a number of virtual serial port
programs for Windows and Mac that will create a connection to a remote
device over the network and present it as a serial port on the local
machine.  Linux systems can use a program called socat to accomplish the
same thing.

If the device running the APRS software can't run these virtual serial
port programs for whatever reason the alternative is to use a hardware
serial-to-ethernet bridge to establish the connection to the remote
weather logger and connect to the local computer via a real serial port.

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