[aprssig] APRS WX for CRYC

Joe Della Barba joe at dellabarba.com
Thu Dec 7 10:34:41 EST 2017

I am trying to set up a weather station at the Corsica River Yacht Club. 
We do have power, but are way back in the woods and have no internet and 
barely get a cell signal on a good day.
What I have come up with so far:
Item Name:
ULTIMETER 2100 Weather Station
Item #:

Byonics TT3 with WX firmware.
No GPS needed because it does not move.

I figure a low end 2 meter radio will be fine, perhaps a Kenwood TM-281A.

Any improvements or suggestions appreciated, I have never set up a WX 
station before.
I suppose we could use a TT4 or something else similar 
(https://www.argentdata.com/products/otusb.html) to be a digi as well as 
a WX station. Reliability is a must, so I really want something I don't 
have to drive 40 minutes to fix very often. Our location is here if it 
helps : https://www.google.com/maps/@39.0839026,-76.1155909,16z
Judging by results from my boat, 25 watts into a gain antenna should get 
us out someplace.



Joe Della Barba

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