[aprssig] Txt messaging

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Thu Aug 31 14:14:04 EDT 2017

I agree with this.

And as rx-only igates continue to proliferate and degrade the network we need a mechanism to deal with this.

Perhaps something (if it already doesn't exist, that I'm aware of) that can be put in one's path to avoid or route around rx-only igates. Something that indicates that you only want your packet processed by a full-service igate and ignored by others.


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IMHO, one-way igates are a main enabler of the 'APRS is just a vehicle tracking system' mentality.

It is so much more, but when anyone can slap an RX-only igate up for absolutely NOTHING, and it competes with a full-service igate in the same area and cripples it, you're just hurting the system.



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