[aprssig] Eclipse Path (148 Balloons!) (50?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Aug 28 09:06:14 EDT 2017

I added the PLOT of all the APRS balloons on Eclipse day to my Balloon page.


I assume these were trackers on all the 50 NASA balloons launched that day
by students all across the country to stream live video of the event.  But
there is not a single mention of APRS on their web page, and not a single
Ham has mentioned involvement here on the APRSSIG or on AMSAT.  Yet all the
balloons had Ham calls.  I’d like someone involved to document the HAM
invovvement in this massive undertaking and describe the APRS portion so I
can add it to the web page.

And why does FINDU.COM find about 148 Balloons in the USA, and I can only
count about 50 along the path and only a few more..?


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My HT on a rubber duck just north of Georgia picked up 12 APRS balloons
during the eclipse, all under 200 miles away.  Closest one only 4 miles
away, but wife would not let me chase it.  Had a 14  hour drive to get back
before classes the next morning.  (Got 3 hours sleep.)

When I got home, I counted 244 APRS Balloons on Eclipse day on FINDU.COM.
Subtracting out the 96 from other parts of the world that day left 148 over
the USA.  But looking at the map, I only could find about 46 along the
track?  Where were the others?

I cant get a plot of all the USA ones since the filters on APRSFI wont work
that big.

Looking for someone who can plot all the APRS balloons that day on one map?

Mark, KE6BB posted a plot of all the "Flight" symbols during the eclipse.
Most are balloons, but a few aircraft mixed in as well.  But Ill have to
post it on a web page to share it with the group.

Came back to unrelated total WEB and phone blackout till now (Thurs nite).


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