[aprssig] Cleaning up the Global APRS Satellite ground station network?- New Symbol [SGATE mode for APRX?]

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Wed Aug 9 05:57:45 EDT 2017

Den 09.08.2017 08:27, skrev Heikki Hannikainen:

>>> I have not been exploring the source code of APRSC yet. But adding a 
>>> flag for sgate mode and include the 15sec >>delay should not be that 
>>> much work? If we are affraid that people are using the function wrong 
>>> then make it >>>"difficult" to enable APRSC in SAT-mode.
>> I believe all this talk is about aprx, the igate software, that people
>> use for interfacing radios with the APRS-IS.
>> Not aprsc, the APRS-IS server software, which does not talk to radios
>>> or TNCs at all.
>> Just to clarify the names of the software bits. :)
>>   - Hessu

sorry my mistake. was talking about APRX. I really do not understand why 
it's not possible to add a satellite option in the public release.

I mentioned APRSC as this is going to be my method to bypass the 
"problem". Running a local APRSC with no uplink, connect APRX and using 
a third party software to filter out local stations and then gate/insert 
to the regular APRS-IS network.

There are so many misconfigured digipeaters and probably also aprx and 
other igate software. Adding a satgate function is not going to break 
anything if some user activates this even if he should't. Just make it 
hard to activate this function ;-)

73 de LA3QMA
Kai Gunter

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