[aprssig] Cleaning up the Global APRS Satellite ground station network?- New Symbol [SGATE mode for APRSC?]

la3qma at aprs.la la3qma at aprs.la
Tue Aug 8 17:13:02 EDT 2017

Den 08.08.2017 22:02, skrev Steve Dimse:
>> On Aug 8, 2017, at 8:57 AM, la3qma at aprs.la wrote:
>> Why is this so important? Regarding ISS we have only a small window to 
>> beacon compared to europe and other places. Also the terrain with high 
>> mountains we can reach a satellite but not hear the digipeated 
>> package. Reaching a IGATE you can always confirm it later on.
>> I could probably filter out LA/LB/LC/LD/LE stations heard direct but 
>> then other callsigns is gated.
> There is a simpler method. Simply delay any directly heard packets 15
> seconds when operating in satgate mode. If a local station
> successfully digipeats, whether through you or through another
> satgate, then the digipeated packet will make it to ariss.net before
> the directly heard packet. Putting this into APRSC would make it
> useable as a satgate everywhere.
> Steve K4HG

And this is what we want and it solves a lot of problems without making 
a second APRS-IS network, special scripting etc.

I have not been exploring the source code of APRSC yet. But adding a 
flag for sgate mode and include the 15sec delay should not be that much 
work? If we are affraid that people are using the function wrong then 
make it "difficult" to enable APRSC in SAT-mode.

People expect to use i.e aprs.fi so a second aprs-is network is really 
not a good option.

73 de LA3QMA
Kai Gunter

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