[aprssig] USA Eclipse 2017 (Be a Data-source!)

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 5 15:18:37 EDT 2017

APRS' cousins in the PropNET project (we use APRS protocols on PSK31) have been asked to participate in propagation data-gathering during the upcoming eclipse.
Are you willing to participate in scientific research, using Amateur Radio?

Is your HF station equipped to operate on "soundcard modes" such as PSK31?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then The PropNET Project wants you!

Visit http://www.PropNET.org and select the hyperlink titled "ACDS^31 Beta" (Windows only).  Set it up for your station (enter your call sign, Grid6, power level, etc), tune your transceiver to one of the three study frequencies and let it run.

ACDS will cause your station to periodically TX an ID on PSK31 and will listen for other study participants, too.  When there is propagation, it will be logged to a database (and displayed on a web map).  That database will be used by the University study sponsors as part of their analysis of propagation anomalies during the upcoming solar eclipse!


Especially wanted - Stations in the USA's Pacific NW, Rocky Mountains and Dakotas as well as Canadian Prairies!

Time-frame - We ask participants to power-up THIS WEEKEND and REMAIN ACTIVE until September 1.  This will provide a "baseline" both before and after the Eclipse on the 21st.

Frequencies - 10 meters (28.1188 USB), 30 meters (10.1389 USB), 80 meters (3.5982 USB), we hope that some of the folks with 500kHz licenses would join in, too...but don't know how to ask. :-)

ID Interval - set your station to ID 15x per hour (that's once every 4 minutes)

Power level setting - set your "mic gain" and "RF output" to maximum.  Transmit.  REDUCE "RF output" until you are at 50% of maximum.  REDUCE "mic gain" until you are between 10% and 25% of maximum.  Operate there.

Legality - ACDS^31 operates under FCC Part 97.221 for "Automatically Controlled Digital Station" operation, allowing you to participate 24/7.

Anti QRM - The ACDS^31 client will RX before TX, and will QSY to a different frequency if its' initial choice is occupied.

Community - Join the PropNET-Online e-mail group while you visit the http://www.PropNET.org website

A "taste" - Here is a link to a map showing the past 24 hours of 10 meter traffic documented by the PropNET project.  Pushpins with a "10" are using the software.  Others are non-PropNET stations that have been decoded by PropNET stations.  http://propnet.org/catch3.php?band=HY&last=24&call=&center=US

Here is a map of 30 meters, as a comparison: http://propnet.org/catch3.php?band=HG&center=US&last=24&call=&maptype=G3&geo=&zoom=1

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