[aprssig] Extra carriage returns and line feeds

KF4LVZ aprssigZbr6 at acarver.net
Sat Aug 5 14:41:16 EDT 2017

I've been watching some packets go by recently and noticed a few of them
have extra carriage returns and line feeds at the end.  I'm trying to
figure out if this is a function of my KPC3+ accidentally adding them to
some packets or if these packets really do have the extra line endings

I'm not using any APRS software to show me the data.  This is just
dumping the raw bytes from the serial port and looking for \r\n
patterns.  Some packets end with a single \r\n and others end with \r\n\r\n.

Anyone have suggestions on settings to look at in the KPC3 or otherwise
have seen these packets on their side, too, with the same double line

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