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 'Far apart' isn't always possible, but remember RF travels in waves, and as such for every wavelength you will have nulls where the signal is almost completely 0 as seen by another antenna with the same orientation.  By locating the antennas in each other's nulls on 2m you can more or less completely negate the interference. 
 On 4/26/2017 8:20 PM, david vanhorn wrote:
      So, I'm about ready to push the button on this. 
  I'll be limited by the location spots available, but I have one more question:
  I'm intending to have the FTM-350 running APRS, and the IC-7000 running voice on 2m/440
  I know I should mount those antennas as far apart as possible, but given the 50W output of each, what is the minimum separation for the safety of the radios? 
  It's almost certain to end up with the 7000 V/U on the front mount point, FTM-350 on the middle, and the 7000 HF antenna on the back. 
  I know the APRS will still punch holes in my reception on the 7000 VHF, but I'm hoping to minimize that. My main concern is not having the front ends damaged by the RF from the other radio.
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