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There is absolutely nothing wrong with using an HT for a SAT Station (or ANY Application, really), but you MUST get yourself plugged into an OUTSIDE antenna.You rally should get a Yagi put up, if you want to do this right, but the VERY least a good Ground Plane. I ran my 144MHz "Base" / Abode Station, with nothing more than an Icom 02AT; plugged into a Ringo Ranger bolted to a Water Tank Support structure; this took place on  Okinawa. With FIVE Watts; plugged into a GOOD Antenna,  (totally in the clear, 360*; at about 60', more like 80AGL, straight shot across the bay on the East side; I talked all up and down any part of the island.I did have a 30W Mirage B23A Amp in line, but it was seldom used. You can be quite successful with this idea; but you gotta' do it RIGHT. I have been thinking EXACTLY this idea; and EXACTLY the same Subject; the ISS; on 145.825MHz.( I have no XCVR for 440MHz; so if it's not in the right mode, I won't be GATEing anything) My old iMac; DV; DIED recently, right when I was about to get things going with a PK-900...now; dead in the water.I was going to run APRS on Port 2, and a Downlink GATE to 148.825MHz, on Port 1, but no tranmit /uplink, because I only have a Scanner to use.             Matt; ex: 7J6CAT " The ONLY APRS Station in Japan " (tm) circa; 1996         
            REF: APRS Satellite w/ Rubber Duck?I have been lurking here and there for awhile, and i'm not sure i have seen this go by.. I am just starting to play with satellites, and I can receive packets from ISS just fine, i just can't hit it. Are there any other satellites carrying APRS that i might have more luck with? Every time I start googling around, it seems the information is extremely dated. thanks! 
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