[aprssig] It's that time again. (at least consider an EV)

J. Gary Bender, WS5N ws5n at wildblue.net
Thu Apr 6 15:31:11 EDT 2017

I haven't seen anyone mention the Chevy Volt.  The simplified concept is 
that it is an EV with an on-board "extended range" generator.  35 to 60 
miles pure EV range (Gen 1 or Gen 2), which covers most commutes in the 
USA and about 300+ miles of gasoline extended range.  No range anxiety, 
but plenty of EV efficiency for most.  I recharge when it is available, 
but nothing to panic over.  I gladly give up a charging spot to allow a 
pure-EV access.

I live in very rural New Mexico and still get around 50 MPG net mileage 
when driving to the grocery store (75 miles away). Driving locally I am 
getting at least 115 MPGe (MPG equivalent to the energy of kWh vs 
gasoline).  That works out to about 1/2 the cost of dino-fuel at the 
$.13+/kWh I pay here.  If I was living closer to a large town, I'd 
hardly ever use gas.  Have not had it long enough to ham it up much, but 
I just did a quick install of a Yaesu FTM-400 and it was easy.  Right 
now nothing permanently attached, but still reasonably safe and 
accessible.  No detected birdies or hash.

So far this is the best car I've ever owner.  It will be very difficult 
to buy a pure ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle again.  Loads of 
Gen 1 (2011-2015) Volts are coming off of lease, 20K-30K miles and very 
reasonably priced (mid-$10K's).  The battery and entire Voltec 
propulsion system is guaranteed for 100K miles/8 years.  I know of no 
replacements due to reduced capacity (but a few failed modules).  
Depreciation is ridiculous for the high quality and overall excellent 
experience of owners.  Check the Volt Owners FB group.

I have no association with Chevy or GM -- Just a very happy Volt owner 
wishing I had considered it earlier.
2013 Volt, 25K miles, 3.5K by me.  Purchased used (off lease) Nov. 2016.

  -- Gary, WS5N
     Fence Lake, NM

On 04/06/17 09:40, pfbram at comcast.net wrote:
> Ideally I'd have two vehicles -- a bigger one for hauling and 
> recreation, and an EV for in-town commutes.  Limited to one vehicle 
> for myself, I'm not prepared to give up road-tripping, towing and some 
> off-road capability.  So my recent purchase was still fossil.  My 
> other concern with EV's is battery longevity -- though a relative of 
> mine (brammo.com) is working on that.  :-)
> For the daily commute, alot of us deal with an antiquated 
> transportation infrastructure.  In gridlock traffic, hours of 
> operation can be more important than raw range in miles.  Even a 
> highly intelligent system couldn't shut down entirely when you're in 
> stop-and-go traffic.  You'd still want radio, lights, and 
> wattage-hungry heat or A/C while you're contemplating the view of the 
> column of traffic ahead.  But if I wasn't much into recreation, I'd 
> consider a smaller electric sedan now.
> 73, KD0KZE / Paul
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