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Ideally I'd have two vehicles -- a bigger one for hauling and recreation, and an EV for in-town commutes. Limited to one vehicle for myself, I'm not prepared to give up road-tripping, towing and some off-road capability. So my recent purchase was still fossil. My other concern with EV's is battery longevity -- though a relative of mine (brammo.com) is working on that. :-) 

For the daily commute, alot of us deal with an antiquated transportation infrastructure. In gridlock traffic, hours of operation can be more important than raw range in miles. Even a highly intelligent system couldn't shut down entirely when you're in stop-and-go traffic. You'd still want radio, lights, and wattage-hungry heat or A/C while you're contemplating the view of the column of traffic ahead. But if I wasn't much into recreation, I'd consider a smaller electric sedan now. 

73, KD0KZE / Paul 

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> The daily commute has run it's last mile. 
> So, thinking of a new ride and antennas.. 
> Any thoughts on the Ford Transit Wagons? 

Unfortunately there are no affordable Electric Wagons yet, but there are over 35 other EV models available that are ideal for the daily commute. 

See the list: 

Most people have not been aware that now with 8 years of modern EV's being on the market, that now EV's are better, faster, cleaner and cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate, and cheaper to maintain than the average gas car. ($29k with incentives vs $33k for gas) 

You can get new full size EV's for under $20k and there are 6 years of used ones starting at $5k and up to about $15k. 

And only 12 solar panels can now full charge the average daily American mileage everyday FOREVER! Imagine the independence. 

Never run out of gas or go to a gas station again. 

Also, its nice to have 24 kWH of battery with you everywhere you go. Plug the house into the EV and run for a week. 

Before investing in a fossil fuel car it is good to ask where EV's are now and where they will be in 6 years when you go to try to sell that fossil. 

See all the misinformation on EV's - Mostly wrong. 


Bob, WB4APR 

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