[aprssig] It's that time again. (at least consider an EV)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Apr 5 16:19:31 EDT 2017

But things are chaning very rapidly...

>> Before investing in a fossil fuel car it is good to ask where EV's are
> now and
> >> where they will be in 6 years when you go to try to sell that fossil.
> >>
> >>See all the misinformation on EV's - Mostly wrong.
> >>http://aprs.org/EV-misinformation.html
> > Half the people here at work commute at least 30 miles one-way.
> > A third commute over 50 miles...

Fortunately EV's now are coming out with over 200 mile daily range for
those rare individuals with those long commutes...

> "Charging at Work: ... over 97% of all EV charging at work can be met
> with simple 120v outlets." {to refresh up to 40 miles during the 8 hours
parked at work).

> Most employers either can't or won't do this.
Eventually they will...

> ... they may not want to foot the bill [without] pay stations.

No one is asking for free charging, just simply pay by the month to
plugin.  A 30 mile commuter would expect to pay about $30/month to plug in
at work (at 14 cent/kWh rates).  and be full every afternoon in time for
the ride home.

> ...in a government facility, it turns out you *can't*  have a station...

After years of letter writing that has changed!  The Federal Policy now is
to let any EV pluginto any available outlet for a fixed paymend of about
$15 per month.  And local agencies can even use existing maintenance funds
to install additional standard 120v oiutlets.

> Perhaps Maryland has charging passes but I'd bet most states don't...

You are right.  Maryland is very progressive, but of the 30 people on the
Governonr's EV council, only 3 drive EV's.  And so we still have clueless
people stuck in the gas-tank/gas-station legacy thinking who cannot
conceive of the conveneience of simply plugging into a $15 simple
outlet while parked and paying a fixed monthly rate.

Yes there are many people who cannot go EV yet, but there are a very large
percentage of us that can... and should take care to be informed before
making a huge investment in another fossil car they will be stuck with for
the next decade. [and forever married to the greed of the oil companies]

Besides, what Ham woiuld not like to have 24 kWh of battery whereever he
goes with potential use in any emergency...

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