[aprssig] It's that time again. (at least consider an EV)

KF4LVZ aprssigZbr6 at acarver.net
Wed Apr 5 15:56:54 EDT 2017

On 2017-04-05 12:16, Robert Bruninga wrote:

> Before investing in a fossil fuel car it is good to ask where EV's are now and 
> where they will be in 6 years when you go to try to sell that fossil.
> See all the misinformation on EV's - Mostly wrong.
> http://aprs.org/EV-misinformation.html

"State of Maryland studies have shown that this [interstate charging] is
only 0.3% of the need"

Maryland is a *tiny* state.  You're #42 out of 50 by land area.  A lot
of people have commutes  that are much longer than 15 miles in those big
states.  Half the people here at work commute at least 30 miles one-way.
 A third commute over 50 miles because housing costs don't let them live
closer.  And this goes hand-in-hand with....

"Charging at Work: The Maryland EV Infrastructure Council has determined
that over 97% of all EV charging at work can be met with simple 120v

Most employers either can't or won't do this.  They can't if the parking
is a large paved area that is shared between businesses (i.e. strip
mall) because they don't own the parking.  If it's a building, sometimes
they own the building, sometimes they don't.  If they don't, see above.
If they do, they may not want to foot the bill unless they agree to
install a set of pay stations.  Or, if you work in a government
facility, it turns out you *can't*  have a station (or not supposed to
if you do happen to have one) because of some very strange legalese
(I've already witnessed this).

Perhaps Maryland has charging passes but I'd bet most states don't have
anything like that.  Even California doesn't appear to have them.  And
you still are asking for people to install "free" outlets.

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