[aprssig] X-APRS: a new protocol in APRSdroid

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Sat Apr 1 11:35:36 EDT 2017

* Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) <ldeffenb at homeside.to> [2017-04-01 14:11]:
> 1) How are filters handled?  I tapped into the sample feed and that's WAY
> more data than I'd like to have streaming to my mobile phone.

We've been thinking long for how to best match the flexible APRS-IS
filter, but there is no final design yet. The best candidate currently
are XSLT filters, which allow to filter the stream based on presence of
certain XML properties.

> 2) How can a client know if a legacy aprs1 packet has been Base-64 encoded
> or if it just happens to contain only Base-64 characters? I didn't see
> anything in the specification (end of page) to indicate the encoding?

Yes, this is by-design. The probability of an APRS1 packet being both
valid Base-64 and valid APRS at the same time is so low that we didn't
want to add more XML boilerplate for it.

> 3) Is there a separate discussion group for this proposal?  Or are we
> supposed to spam the APRS groups with our comments ending up with different
> discussion threads in multiple groups?

This is a good suggestion. We'll create a separate ML for it on Monday,
when our sysop has returned.

> And one comment:  VERBOSE!  In the case of paid mobile data plans and 1200
> baud RF channels, more (or even standards-based) is not always better.

Yeah, this is obviously meant to be run over 5GHz HAMNET in ad-hoc mode,
and not over 1200bps PR.

> PS.  Not all of us like adopting 3rd party code over which we have no
> control so making statements like "using one of the many available XMPP
> libraries" doesn't do much for us.

I think the only situation where we truly run a 100% controlled stack
are embedded devices like AVR32, with a custom runtime library.
Everything else in today's complex world depends on 3rd party code like
BIOS, OS, wireless stacks etc....

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