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I agree with Lynn. I also used his specified master document copy from aprs-is.net in defining the queryable Aloha circles in YAAC. To clarify, you can ask a YAAC instance, through the standard APRS text message mechanism, to report its current Aloha circle, and it will send it as a NWS multiline. The directed query command is
Not sure how useful this is, but it is available.
Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO author of YAAC 

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    I go to the original source of the




      I use this specification for my satellite object footprints as the
      new lightning StrikeZone outlines.  In my case, I put a !DAO!
      (typically !W00! which adds no particular precision) after the
      closing { bracket to avoid being mistaken for a WXSRV packet which
      uses those 5 characters for the sequence number.


      Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and


      On 10/31/2016 2:48 PM, Weston Bustraan wrote:


        It seems that the link labeled "Polygon and Line OBJECTS
          (new for page 31)" on http://www.aprs.org/aprs11.html
          now points to a page that is missing.

        Does anyone have a link where I could find information on
          how to implement the new spec?

        Wes Bustraan, W8WJB


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