[aprssig] Polite to TX-igate weather warnings?

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Mon Mar 28 07:31:54 EDT 2016

Every 5 minutes from time of origin (every minute for the first 5 minutes).  This is not a lot and AE5PL-WX specifically limits what is transmitted to what the weather service considers "an immediate, actual threat".  It was specifically designed to minimize what is transmitted and restrict it to what spotters and other 1st responders need to know when they are out in it.

One key is to keep digipeating to a minimum.  Only cover your IGate's -immediate- footprint (normally 1 or 2 digipeaters at the most).  Let other areas cover their immediate areas.

We have been gating weather objects and messages to RF in the DFW area (one of the highest APRS activity areas in the country) for over a decade.  It has been considered beneficial and no complaints even during the high activity levels (during front passage, there are normally multiple severe thunderstorm, tornado, and flash flood warnings occurring at a rapid pace).  At no time are we overrunning the RF network.


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> From: David Andrzejewski via aprssig
> Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2016 9:13 PM
> Subject: [aprssig] Polite to TX-igate weather warnings?
> I've been running a digipeater and TX igate using aprx.  I have been playing
> with transmitting the objects produced by the AE5PL-WX server (just CLESVR
> and CLETOR), for severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings from my local
> NWS office.
> My question is this: Is this a polite thing to do on RF?
> On the one hand, I can see some value in it - mobile stations will be alerted to
> weather warnings and fixed RF-only stations would be able to see the polygons
> on the map.  The downside is that it looks like these packets are pushed onto -IS
> every 5 minutes, so that means my igate could theoretically end up
> transmitting a lot of packets on a busy weather night, since the CLE office is
> responsible for 30 counties.
> What are everyone's thoughts on this?
> 73,
> - Dave/KD8TWG

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