[aprssig] Turn-key IGate

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Fri Mar 25 13:36:19 EDT 2016

Not to mention one would need a hardened Internet connection/service 
provider. Average consumer Internet connections are unlikely to be 

On 3/25/2016 10:04 AM, Jason KG4WSV via aprssig wrote:
> On Mar 25, 2016, at 8:35 AM, Robert Bruninga via aprssig 
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>> looking for someone to put together a robust rock-solid Black-Box 
>> IGate that needs no attention for years.
>> The black box has the internet connector,
> "Connected to the Internet" and "needs no attention for years" are 
> totally incompatible requirements.
> Maybe it could be accomplished with an indirect connection (e.g. 
> private network firewalled and managed), but a device directly 
> attached to he Internet has maybe days before it will need security 
> updates or become compromised.
> If you think it's possible to drop a Pi on the Internet and walk away, 
> you're in for a rude surprise.
> -j


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