[aprssig] [amsat-bb] Free content from six satellites via Outernet (APRS?)

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 14:03:08 EST 2016

> The only question, is the atrophy of our HF IGates?  Years ago, the HF
> channel on 10,147.2 MHz had receivers all over the world.  I have not
> listened much recently, but maybe there is still a viable network there.

HF APRS + is doing very well.  Check out the past couple QST's and
some postings on these discussion forums and Facebook.

I say '+' because now we have better decoding softcard software such
as AGWPE, UZ7HO and DireWolf,  the SCS PTC Robust Packet Tracker
hardware TNC and APRS Messenger software using PSK'ish modes.   A
station posted yesterday that they were active on four different modes
simultaneously on the 30 Meter APRS frequency.   Awesome times...

>  An HF packet transmitter can be as small as a cigar box and solar powered.

A good, small and economical HF transmitter is still the missing link
but there are new options being worked with...

> Then there is of course the arm-chair-lawyers concern of  rebroadcast of
> amateur radio content on a non-ham network?

That's never been an issue at least in the US.  Ham content is wide
open for anybody to do anything they want with.   It's going the other
way, from non-Ham to Ham, that things start to tingle.

> Bob, WB4APR

Bill, WA7NWP

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