[aprssig] Flood Sensors (again)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jun 13 14:41:26 EDT 2016

OK, how cheaply could we build highly reproducible APRS flood sensors?.
[To keep idiots in SUV’s from thinking they can drive through it]

My thinking is ANY cheap “tracker”.  No GPS, just preprogram the position
and work FLOODING in the status text.  Then hook it to a flood switch that
turns on when the water is high enough to be 6 inches over the road.  So
all it takes is a battery, a switch and a “tracker” with enough power to
hit the APRS network.

There might be a few bucks at FEMA to build a few examples.

Lets say it needs to have at least 1W or 5W output. (Sure, many will need
more because lots of streams are in valleys) but lets establish a low cost
benchmark for where low power ones might work.  They don’t need to get in
every time, just sooner or later.  Once they are activated, I’d have them
transmitting at once a minute….

Although it would be nice for them to have a NO FLOOD as well as FLOOD
beacon so we know they are working, but that would take two orders or more
of solar power.  Whereas the one-time ones would only need the tiny panel
off a solar garden lamp to keep a battery up.

I just searched FINDU.COM and did not find ANY flood symbols, but then
maybe I am searching for the wrong symbol…  The only symbol I can see is \w
for flooding which was more of an object for marking a flooding event.

I thought I had defined a FLOOD GAUGE symbol, but cannot find it right now.

Bob, Wb4aPR
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