[aprssig] E Coast 9600 baud backbone 15W radios (firmware?).

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jun 1 12:40:07 EDT 2016

By the way, I may have found a possible UHF exciter to get the radios
working on 420 MHz, but the question is, is using the KA Packet nodes in
the Kantronics KPC-9612’s the only way to do the level 4 network?  Although
I am sure we can find enough KPC9612’s for the 15 sites, I’m wondering
about long term viability?

Is there software out there to replicate the KA-NODE network (I think it is
same as THENET or theoriginal NETROM nodes?  Othern than the nice
off-the-shelf approach of the KPC9612’s?


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At Dayton I picked up a box of 25 UHF data radios for the E Coast 9600 baud
backbone project.

Turns out, they are on 824 MHz.  But they have a 15 W driver stage that can
give us 15 Watts in the 420 MHz amateur band if we can find a simple UHF
transceiver with 1 Watt output.  ALl we have to do is bypass the final 45W
PA and add a TR switch.

Then add a TNC node and we are done.

See the info on these radios at the bottom of this page:

So, does anyone have ideas for the 1W UHX XCVR that we can split out the TX
and RX separately so we can use these PA's?

The data radios include a GPS receiver, but we wont need thoes in this

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