[aprssig] IGate Registering for ANSRVR (Messaging failures)

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> > .. you should configure your home station IGate as receive-only...
> This is generally wrong.  ALL IGatges should consider the LOCAL AREA.  Who's
> IGate covers the local area?  It should be the best and it should use 1 HOP as
> the "local" criteria..

You start off by saying this is "generally wrong" then state exactly what I stated below.  I was not making a "general" statement.  I was addressing specifically Anthony's example of a home IGate being used to provide coverage in and around his home (or a nearby home).

> If someone wants to use their home station as an IGate for their own HT
> coverage in and around their house, then they can still make it two way, but
> limit its LOCAL definition to only stations heard DIRECT (not even one hop).
> Then you can sit by the pool with your HT and have full global messaging
> without your IGate addng QRM to the local area for anyone else in the DIGI's
> coverage that is also messaging...
> Bob, WB4APR

To be clear, an IGate with direct-only coverage for gating to RF (in your words, "setting the LOCAL definition to only stations heard DIRECT") is better than a receive-only IGate which can interfere with the proper operation of an IGate not receiving a full feed (the majority).


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