[aprssig] IGate Registering for ANSRVR (Messaging failures)

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Well, in some jurisdictions (the United Kingdom comes to mind), unattended transmitters aren't allowed without special licensing. So there are some cases where an Rx-only I-gate is better than nothing at all.
Regarding the I-gating ability of my own software, YAAC,  it looks like it needs another update. Although it recognizes locality as being heard on RF, it doesn't check the hop count before considering it as local (anything heard on RF not using a third-party frame is local), and does not allow the local user to specify any digipeat aliases for Tx-I-gated packets.
Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO author of YAAC http://www.ka2ddo.org/ka2ddo/YAAC.html

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Why not configure your home station for direct-only bidirectional and then you can support messaging instead of only sometimes being able to communicate reliably?

Whoever came up with the "receive-only" IGate as a good thing did not think through that APRS is a -communications- protocol, not a tracking protocol and they did not fully understand the potential for breaking the communication mechanisms that APRS-IS depends on.


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> I have heard multiple times that you should configure your home station IGate
> as receive-only. However I've found that the "receive-only" stations are often
> the only stations able to hear me, the IGates on the mountain tops almost never
> hear my HT since they have such wide coverage.
> Anthony k7tft
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