[aprssig] US Weather forecast via APRS message

Kenneth Finnegan kennethfinnegan2007 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 14:42:02 EST 2016

On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 4:03 PM, Martin Nile via aprssig <aprssig at tapr.org>

> If you wish a full forecast
> add the word "full" to your "where" and "when".  The full forecast is
> spread across
> multiple APRS message.  The default "brief" forecast usually fits within a
> single
> message.

If possible, I'd encourage you to implement flow control on outgoing bursts
of packets destined to a single station. I know that at least in APRX I
enforce a token bucket that prevents more than a few packets ever getting
RF-gated for a single station at once. I know some people have complained
on this list before about these sorts of systems that return a burst of a
dozen packets and the end user is only ever able to get a few of them
because the local RF-gates drop most of the flood.

Something as simple as "Sleep 2 seconds after each packet" would be an easy
start. Since you mentioned that this is single threaded, I assume you're
not sending messages with message numbers which you track and re-transmit.

Kenneth Finnegan
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