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Dave B g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 13 13:27:09 EST 2016

On 13/02/16 18:00, aprssig-request at tapr.org wrote:
> Could someone help me with some information I need for a project I am 
> working on?
> FIRST TWO QUESTIONS: What is the maximum power allowed for APRS 
> operation in these specific countries?  Is this calculated as RF 
> output or EIRP?
> This is an academic question only.  I am quite aware of the need to 
> not create "alligator" stations with big mouths and little ears.
> SECOND QUESTION: Could you brief me on the regulations in regard to 
> establishing a "24/7/365 digipeater" in these *specific* lands?
> Cheers,
> Ev, W2EV

As far as the UK goes...

Not sure about the "Maximum" power, but 100W for FM or 400W PEP for SSB 
are our usual limits.   Anything over 50W is seen as antisocial for 
APRS, unless actually "Mobile"...

24/7/365 (unattended) operation as a digi or gateway, needs a Notice of 
Variation (NoV) from Ofcom (our regulator) and to get that needs other 
people signed up as key-holders to gain access to shut things down if 
needed, within 30 mins of receiving a phone call from the regulator.   
Yes, even on 2m, were we are the "Primary" user... If that happens, then 
only a license holder is permitted to re-activate the station.

It is that main reason why APRS is dying in the UK.   Inappropriate 
overblown regulations.

In theory, we need a NoV for a RX only iGate!  As that is seen as an 
interconnection between the "Amateur" network and the "Internet".

I'm sure others will chime in too.


Dave G0WBX.

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