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Tue Feb 2 13:35:18 EST 2016

I wouldn't recommend using CWOP or Ham weather stations. Way too many of them are wrong. I'd rather have a verified source.
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Subject: [aprssig] WXBOT -- weather forecast via APRS Message  The WXBOT weather forecast via APRS message program has been updated.  The program now responds to messages addressed to WXBOT as well as KI6WJP  The program now recognizes any US callsign, and returns a forecast for the address listed in the FCC ULS.  Even if the callsign has never transmitted a position via APRS.  The FCC ULS data is courtesy of the call.n0agi.com server.  The program now recognizes all ICAO metar stations (i.e KJFK, or KSFO etc...) and returns a METAR report for the station.  (TAF forecasts will be added in the future.)  Here are some example weather queries sent to WXBOT   
   - KSFO   -- returns metar report for San Francisco International Airport
   - KSFO brief -- returns a brief weather forecast for SFO (not TAF)
   - NZSP   -- returns metar report from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica
   - metar   -- returns a metar report for the ICAO metar station nearest to your location.
   - Any US callsign  -- returns a weather forecast for the address listed in the FCC ULS.
   - whois CALLSIGN -- returns FCC ULS data for given callsign.
The "whois" option is a side feature not directly related to weather, but since I had access to the data, I added the feature.    For a complete list of features see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot  --Martin NileKI6WJP    
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