[aprssig] Ideal Digipeater Behavior

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I have to sympathize with Jason's frustration. I'm working on a project to try to improve APRS performance, but I'd need to replace the software on a wide-area digipeater to test my hypotheses, and I don't live at a spot where I could deploy one (especially with the Neighborhood Beautification Gestapos around here who hate ham radio operators). So the local existing digipeaters keep running with their antique code and hardware.
Sort of like what happened with Scott's OpenTRAC protocol: no one uses it, and I suspect my software is one of the few programs that actually supports it.
Andrew, KA2DDO author of YAAC 

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K... well there's now a bunch of us building digipeaters on Cortex ARM cores or full Linux SBCs getting pretty frustrated that most of the digipeater behavior documentation out there is a list of settings for UNPROTO and BTEXT and whatever fields, which mean nothing to us youngins who have never seen a TAPR TNC2.  I'm trying to move past all the prehistoric
glad to hear it. 
 So I've got you down as one vote for "Punish by reducing the requested hops to maxhop."
Perhaps punish is a bad word choice. Unfortunately, the term "QoS drop" seems to also be a dirty word to many APRS elites.
unfortunately many "APRS elites" don't seem to understand networking basics... 
When are you guys going to start actually building something and not just discourage those of us trying to get something done?
Sorry if that sounded like discouragement - I meant it more as encouragement to make APRS more like a network and less like a conglomeration of hacks.
  Go pick a new packet frequency and let us know when you've got a working prototype of whatever comes after APRS.
Y'know, I've thought about that but I don't really enjoy talking to myself, and I don't think anyone else would use/advance the work.  I don't run any digis, I don't have equipment or access to sites to locate equipment.
So I make my own little hacks and use the parts of APRS that are useful when I can, and let it go at that.

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