[aprssig] Ideal Digipeater Behavior

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Thu Aug 25 13:16:04 EDT 2016

On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 11:25 AM, Kenneth Finnegan <
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> K... well there's now a bunch of us building digipeaters on Cortex ARM
> cores or full Linux SBCs getting pretty frustrated that most of the
> digipeater behavior documentation out there is a list of settings for
> UNPROTO and BTEXT and whatever fields, which mean nothing to us youngins
> who have never seen a TAPR TNC2.  I'm trying to move past all the
> prehistoric

glad to hear it.

> So I've got you down as one vote for "Punish by reducing the requested
> hops to maxhop."
> Perhaps punish is a bad word choice. Unfortunately, the term "QoS drop"
> seems to also be a dirty word to many APRS elites.
unfortunately many "APRS elites" don't seem to understand networking

When are you guys going to start actually building something and not just
> discourage those of us trying to get something done?

Sorry if that sounded like discouragement - I meant it more as
encouragement to make APRS more like a network and less like a
conglomeration of hacks.

> Go pick a new packet frequency and let us know when you've got a working
> prototype of whatever comes after APRS.

Y'know, I've thought about that but I don't really enjoy talking to myself,
and I don't think anyone else would use/advance the work.  I don't run any
digis, I don't have equipment or access to sites to locate equipment.

So I make my own little hacks and use the parts of APRS that are useful
when I can, and let it go at that.

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