[aprssig] Version 0.95b of UZ7HO Soundmodem Released

Stephen Black kb1chu at aol.com
Sun Aug 7 19:43:53 EDT 2016

Do you just download and run this without removing the older version? If 
so will I lose my settings? Thanks Steve kb1chu

On 8/5/2016 10:25 PM, Stephen H. Smith via aprssig wrote:
> Version 0.95b of the UZ7HO Soundmodem software TNC has been released.
> This soundcard "soft TNC" is a direct replacement for the AGW Packet 
> Engine soft TNC, that far outperforms any hardware and most software 
> TNCs. Just select the AGWpe choice offered in most APRS client TNC 
> setup dialogs.
> Apparently Andre has been sitting on this version for over a month 
> (shaking it down?) since the core   SOUNDMODEM.EXE  file is dated 4 
> June 2016 while the public release on his website was 2 August.
> As usual, I have repacked the basic zip into a full-blown Windows 
> "wizard-type" installer that creates an install directory ("folder"), 
> Start Menu entries, and a desktop shortcut.  Go to my website at:
>    <http://WA8LMF.net/miscinfo>
> and click on the link near the top of the page.
> The major addition in this newest version is a "Calibrate" function 
> similar to the "CAL" command in hardware TNCs. This allows you to 
> manually key up either channel with a continuous tone for testing, 
> setting transmit power on HF, deviation on FM, etc.  You can generate 
> either a high tone, low tone or alternating low/high tones just like a 
> TNC2 or a KPC3.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> [As before, the Soundmodem way outperforms hardware and most other 
> software TNCs. During my just-completed road trip to Evergreen, CO (in 
> the Colorado Rockies just west of Denver) I conducted tests in the 
> mountains on marginal paths with weak signals and lots of multipath. I 
> had the Soundmodem connected to the 6-pin mini-DIN "data port" of a 
> Kenwood D700 at the same time the internal hardware TNC was running. I 
> fed the hardware TNC into one copy of UIview via a serial port, and 
> the Soundmodem into a second copy of UIview simultaneously via one of 
> my homebrew tone-activated sound card interfaces. The Soundmodem 
> copied three or four packets successfully for every ONE copied by the 
> D700's hardware TNC!]
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