[aprssig] Version 0.95b of UZ7HO Soundmodem Released

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Aug 5 22:25:54 EDT 2016

Version 0.95b of the UZ7HO Soundmodem software TNC has been released.

This soundcard "soft TNC" is a direct replacement for the AGW Packet Engine 
soft TNC, that far outperforms any hardware and most software TNCs. Just select 
the AGWpe choice offered in most APRS client TNC setup dialogs.

Apparently Andre has been sitting on this version for over a month (shaking it 
down?) since the core   SOUNDMODEM.EXE  file is dated 4 June 2016 while the 
public release on his website was 2 August.

As usual, I have repacked the basic zip into a full-blown Windows "wizard-type" 
installer that creates an install directory ("folder"), Start Menu entries, and 
a desktop shortcut.  Go to my website at:
and click on the link near the top of the page.

The major addition in this newest version is a "Calibrate" function similar to 
the "CAL" command in hardware TNCs. This allows you to manually key up either 
channel with a continuous tone for testing, setting transmit power on HF, 
deviation on FM, etc.  You can generate either a high tone, low tone or 
alternating low/high tones just like a TNC2 or a KPC3.


[As before, the Soundmodem way outperforms hardware and most other software 
TNCs. During my just-completed road trip to Evergreen, CO (in the Colorado 
Rockies just west of Denver) I conducted tests in the mountains on marginal 
paths with weak signals and lots of multipath. I had the Soundmodem connected 
to the 6-pin mini-DIN "data port" of a Kenwood D700 at the same time the 
internal hardware TNC was running. I fed the hardware TNC into one copy of 
UIview via a serial port, and the Soundmodem into a second copy of UIview 
simultaneously via one of my homebrew tone-activated sound card interfaces. 
The Soundmodem copied three or four packets successfully for every ONE copied 
by the D700's hardware TNC!]


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