[aprssig] next beta build#93 of YAAC ("Yet Another APRS Client")

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What will the fldigi <-> yaac interactions entail? I use both applications, but not together. 

I currently have these installed on separate machines, connected to separate rigs (TS-590 + D710). Ideally, would some sort of fldigi <-> yaac cooperation be best accomplished with a single rig that does both HF & VHF/UHF? 

73, Paul / KD0KZE 

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Greetings, all. 

A new build of YAAC is now available. It can be automatically upgraded or manually downloaded from the usual places: 


Two important features of this build are: 

1. support for Bluetooth connected TNCs using direct RFCOMM protocol instead of depending on the operating system to provide a serial port emulation. Since Microsoft Windows is rather broken when implementing Bluetooth serial ports, the new optional plugin contai9ning this feature attempts to work around the problem. 

2. adjustments to support using W1HKJ's FLDIGI program as a software TNC. Although the FLDIGI team has not yet released full support for AX.25 through FLDIGI, they are working on it, and it will be released soon. This will provide the ability to use any of the FLDIGI operational modes that support 8-bit binary data packets (including the ones that implement forward error correction) instead of just the basic Bell 202 FSK we use now for APRS packet radio. 

This build also fixes an interoperability problem introduced with the early access release of Java 9, and has assorted other minor bug fixes. 


Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO 
author of YAAC 

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