[aprssig] Interesting Findings - 300 Baud AX.25 on VHF-FM APRS

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sat Apr 2 17:22:32 EDT 2016

On 4/2/2016 5:00 PM, John Wiseman via aprssig wrote:
> True, but UZ7HO already has a Reed Solomon based 4PSK FEC mode. You can keep
> the standard ax.25 packet format. You do, of course, need UZ7HO at each end.
> 73,
> John G8BPQ

I have actually been considering doing that in this project.  The problem is 
that the mobile tracker would now also need to be based on one of the Windows 
tablets (so it can run the UZ7HO Soundmodem) rather than a quick-and-dirty 
TinyTrak III setup.

If I discover on-site that sheer power (50 watts into a gain antenna) isn't 
enough for the tracker to be heard reliably by the diversity receive system, I 
may yet try the UZ7HO-based tracker.

What I could really use is a tiny single board computer ala Raspberry Pi that 
can run normal Intel x86 OSes and software. There are tools that can remove a 
lot of the fluff from Windows 2000 or XP so that the barebones OS kernal and an 
application can fit into less than 400 MB of flash.   With such a setup, it 
would be trivial to use the UZ7HO Soundmodem advanced modes in a dedicated 

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