[aprssig] APRS Protocol test (of YAESU radios?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Apr 1 13:51:27 EDT 2016

We need some people to help test their radios against the APRS spec.  We
need to know how consistently all the manufactured radios receive the
COMPRESSED and the ITEM formats.  As a test case, use a TNC and send these
raw text packets to your radio and see if it decodes them:

!/AAAABBBB>AAA test   è COMPRESSED car at 2559.54N/04759.05W going 128
degrees at 013 MPH

)Car!3000.00N/12000.00W>111/060 è an ITEM named “car” at the LAT/LONG

)Bus!/AAAABBBB>AAA test   è a COMPRESSED ITEM “Bus” at the compressed
example location

We have found that the old D7’s and D700’s do not decode either of the
ITEMS.  And since we have not really been transmitting these formats for
about a decade, and since lots of YAESU radios have come out since then, we
have no info on whether the YAESU’s can decode these rarely used ITEM



(I may have used ABC instead of AAA to get the above CSE and speed, so try
the one that works).
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